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Choose your Clean

custom plans for happy clients

The Maid Source offers three plans. One is a perfect fit for you.

Standard Recurring cleaning is just what you think: the basic, done right and regularly.
A La Carte Items are specific services you choose when you want, as often or as seldom as you want
One-Time or Seasonal is for tenant turnovers, newly purchased homes or homes for sale, seasonal deep cleanings or post-construction cleanings, and ideal for when a guest is coming between your scheduled cleanings. With just 48 hours notice, we’ll have and additional cleaning on the schedule and performed before your guest arrives.

All options include the use of environmentally clean and safe HEPA filtration vacuums and dusters provided by The Maid Source. Customers provide the cleaning products and rags of their choice.

We recommend weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, as  homes are much easier to maintain when cleaned frequently and result in slightly lower costs per visit. Monthly and one-time cleaning options are also available.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Each Maid Source customer provides the cleaning products of his/her choice and we supply the equipment. This allows you to choose the products that best fit your needs while we supply the best equipment for creating a healthy environment. Whether your focus happens to be on ecofriendly, kid safe products or whether you like the tried and true products of old, we’re using what you prefer inside your home. Simply keep them stored in an accessible location and let our maids do all the heavy lifting with each visit. Our Maids will also let you know when your products are getting low.

We will bring our HEPA filtration vacuums as well as microfiber dusters to collect and trap dust.

Below are some examples of what we and others use on a regular basis. All of these types of cleaning products are very easy to find in almost any grocery store, CVS, Wal-Mart, Cusco, etc. and are fairly inexpensive. Obviously these are only suggestions. Feel free to purchase whatever best fits your needs:

Sprays / Liquids

  • Wood Floors / Murphy’s Oil Soap or any no wax floor cleaner such as Bruce Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • Glass / Windex or any comparable glass cleaner
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms / Murphy Multi-Purpose All Purpose Cleaner or Green Works All Purpose Cleaner
  • Stainless Steel / Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Wood Furniture / Pledge or anything comparable
  • Tile Floors / Mr Clean w/ Febreeze or any product preference you may have for natural stone surfaces

Bags & Rags

    • Rags / any washable microfiber cleaning rags or something disposable if you don’t want to wash the rags after each use. Microfiber rags are good for 300 to 500 washes which saves money and the need to buy disposable rags. If you choose to use Microfiber Rags, we will place them near your washer before we leave the house. Upon request, The Maid Source can provide you with 10 of the better microfiber rags at a cost of $15. We will only need about 10 per household on average to do one cleaning.
    • Bags / please provide any trash bag you prefer that fits your trash cans (most of you already have these in your home)