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Getting started

follow these steps to get started

  1. Contact info - please send an email to with all of your contact info so we can set up your account in our system and calendar.
  2. Choose How Often - Decide how often you want to have your place cleaned. Most customers prefer once a week or bi-weekly cleanings but it also depends on your budget and personal preference. We offer once-a-month cleanings as well but rates tend to be higher per cleaning when they are more spread out like this. The more time between cleanings, the more dust and dirt accumulates resulting in more work each visit. Deciding what works best for you is sometimes a combination of budget and how often you need your house cleaned.
  3. Purchase your supplies, rags and bags - The Maid Source provides vacuums, dusters and latex gloves. Our customers provide the cleaning supplies, rags and bags of their choice. This allows you to choose the products you want for inside your home including any non-toxic or environmentally safe products that you prefer. (refer to our cleaning supplies link for product suggestions). Our maids will leave a note for you if a specific product is running low.
    • Supplies - includes sprays and/or liquids for cleaning surfaces, wood floors, toilets, etc.
    • Rags - We recommend microfiber rags because they do a great job cleaning and are washable for reuse 300 to 500 times. Once the maids have finished cleaning your home, the rags will be placed near your washer. There are also disposable options if you prefer not to wash the microfiber rags in between cleanings.
    • Bags - provide trash bags you prefer that fit your trashcans (most of you already have these in your home)
  4. Provide Access – Decide how we will get into your home each time. Will you be (do you prefer to be?) home for each visit or does it make sense to provide a key and/or garage or alarm code? Most of our customers provide us with access to their homes so they don’t have to worry about us not being able to get inside when we arrive.
  5. Clutter - Try to lessen the clutter throughout the place on the days the maids are cleaning. It insures a more thorough cleaning and helps us get through it more efficiently. It’s one critical way for you to help us keep your costs down.
  6. Remember - the initial cleaning will typically cost a bit more than the subsequent cleanings. This is due to the fact that the initial cleaning is a very thorough one that sets everything up moving forward. Each subsequent cleaning will be based on the rate you were quoted. After 3 regular cleanings, we will look at the average time its taking and let you know if the numbers aren’t making sense. However, it’s not often that the original quote isn’t accurate.