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The Maid Source Way

not just a clean house, but a healthy home

The Maid Source doesn’t just clean, we clean with intent! Our goal is to help create and maintain a healthy home.

We use supplies and vacuums that offer the most effective removal of dust, pet hair, and bacteria. Our HEPA filter vacuums keep dirt, dust, and other allergens trapped inside the vacuum instead of sending it back out into the air you breathe.

Microfiber rags and dusters collect dust instead of pushing it around to other places. Once a micro fiber rag has been used in a particular room such as a bathroom, it is not used again in another area of the house to avoid cross contamination between rooms.

You choose the cleaning products that you feel are best for your home, your kids, and your environment, and we’ll put them to use.

No feather dusters to push dust around, no vacuums that send dust and dirt flying. This is the way to clean – the healthy home way!