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Q. How much does it cost?
A. Because every house is unique and the frequency of cleanings varies, it’s impossible to know what it would cost to clean a home without more information. Just fill out our quick form and someone will contact you with pricing.

Q. How well will you clean my house? 
A. Our staff of maids understands what it is to clean a home thoroughly and efficiently. You won’t find a better team of maids anywhere. Your home will be thoroughly clean, guaranteed.

Q. How long will it take? 
A. It depends on how complex and large the cleaning assignment is. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be the most time-consuming and difficult part. Square footage also plays a big role. Estimated time will be determined during a home visit or a phone conversation.

Q. How do the maids gain access to my house? 
A. There are many ways. You can provide a key or garage code, or you can be there to let them inside.

Q. Do I need to be home while they are cleaning the house? 
A. No, and we recommend that you use this time to do whatever you need or want to accomplish. With The Maid Source, you can trust our maids to take care of your home and do a great job every time.

Q. What if something is missed during a cleaning? 
A. Just let us know within 24 hours and we can either have them return to complete the task at no charge or, if you think it can wait, we will make sure it is done on the next visit.

Q. Why is the initial cleaning a little more expensive? 
A. The initial cleaning requires a bit more work in order to get the place thoroughly cleaned and ready for our recurring cleanings. Our maids may find things to clean that may have been neglected in the past.

Q. Is The Maid Source insured? 
A. Absolutely. The Maid Source carries all the requisite licenses, Workers Comp and General Liability. 

Q. What is the recommended frequency of cleanings? 
A. This is really a matter of personal preference. The Maid Source offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time cleanings. The more frequently we clean your home, the lower the charge for each cleaning. Most customers are set up for either weekly or bi-weekly visits.

Q. Who provides cleaning supplies?
A. The Maid Source provides vacuums, dusters and latex gloves. Our customers provide the cleaning supplies, rags and bags of their choice.

Supplies - includes sprays and/or liquids for cleaning surfaces, wood floors, toilets, etc. This allows you to choose the products you want for inside your home especially if it’s a non-toxic or environmentally safe product that you prefer. (refer to our cleaning supplies link for product suggestions)

Rags - We recommend microfiber rags because they do a great job cleaning and are washable for reuse 300 to 500 times. Once the maids have finished cleaning your home, the rags will be placed near your washer. There are also disposable options if you prefer not to wash the microfiber rags in between cleanings.

Bags - provide trash bags you prefer that fit your trashcans (most of you already have these in your home).

Q. How do you provide Healthy Home cleaning services? 
A. This service is a combination of things provided by us and you. The Maid Source starts by providing and using HEPA filtration vacuums and microfiber dusters. The vacuum traps dust and allergens inside instead of shooting it back into the air. The microfiber dusters also collect dust instead of pushing it to another spot or into the air. Then, you choose any safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products and rags for us to use inside your home. We recommend using microfiber rags that not only do a great job of collecting dust but are also washable and re-usable up to 300 / 500 times. All of this is good for the environment inside your home as well the one outside!

Q. What should I do before the maids arrive? 
A. Try to pick up any clothing, scattered toys, and any other items that would allow our maids to work more efficiently.

Q. What if something is broken during a cleaning? 
A. All of our maids are very cautious while working inside your home but occasionally accidents do happen. Our maids are instructed to inform us of the occurrence so you might here from us first. If not, please contact us to resolve the issue.

Q. How do I pay for my services? 
A. Most of our customers simply leave a check for the maids on the day the service is provided. Payment is due on the same day unless other arrangements are made prior to the cleaning. The Maid Source allows for one missed payment without penalty as long as a check covering two cleanings is left for the maids on the next scheduled visit. A 15% late fee is applied to any balance over 30 days past due.

Q. Does The Maid Source offer carpet cleaning?
A. We do, through a business partner who provides that service. Please inquire for more details.

Q. How do I make a schedule change? 
A. Just send an email to with 48 hours notice. (Please read our Scheduling & Cancellation Policies.)

Q. How do I share my wonderful experience with others? 
A. The best way is to simply tell your friends. Our business grows fastest through referrals. You can also like us on facebook where we post some occasional cleaning and referral specials designed only for our customers.